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Yuke Josefsen
Opera Gloves 

Ladies' evening gloves are long gloves worn by women as formal wear, usually to a traditional outfit such as an evening gown or wedding dress. The longer the glove, the higher the formality. The most extended evening gloves are called "opera gloves." In this instance, the term "Opera" probably has more to do with the length than occasion, as is also seen in "Opera Length Gloves" and "Opera Length Pearls." As many may think, opera gloves are not necessarily meant to be worn in opera or theatre only. The term "opera gloves" instead describes the specific length of the glove, and usually, that type of gloves is considered evening or going-out style. The length that comes up to the mid-upper arm or above the elbow is opera gloves. Opera or full-length gloves go over the elbow, usually reaching the biceps, but sometimes it can be even full length of the arm, all the way up to the shoulder

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Opera gloves are the fall accessory you didn't know you needed. Opera gloves are no longer exclusively for snow days or gala events, but also they are for the fashionable street style set.

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